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Broward County is a Certified 4-STAR Community!
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Broward County is a Certified 4-STAR Community!
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The first County in the country to be awarded a 4-STAR Community Rating for national excellence in sustainability. 

The results are in, and Broward County should be proud of our achievements during our first STAR Communities reporting effort. Broward County successfully earned 436 points in the assessment, becoming the first Certified 4-STAR County in the country on February 11, 2014. 

What is STAR?

STAR stands for Sustainability Tools for Assessing and Rating communities, a new national rating system measuring local government’s environment, economic and community efforts to achieve sustainability. Sustainable counties and cities are defined as those who contribute to a healthy environment, support a strong economy and continually improve the well-being of the community. Broward County participated in a yearlong pilot program to test the new national rating system. The county’s Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division led the initiative, collecting data from more than 30 different county departments and community partners.

What are the Measures of Sustainability?

Here is a summary of the points awarded to Broward County. In total, over 500 initiatives were reported through 44 objectives, all organized under seven major goal areas: Built Environment, Climate & Energy, Economy & Jobs, Education, Arts & Community, Equity & Empowerment, Health & Safety and Natural Systems.


Broward County Star Report Point Breakdown

 Star Report

To see the full list of STAR points earned by Broward County, visit the Broward STAR Community page.

What's Next?

Participating in STAR allowed our community to look back, document and be recognized for our collective work and successes in sustainability. At the same time, it has broadened the conversation of what sustainability means in Broward County. Our 4-STAR Community rating is valid until February 2017. As we prepare for recertification, we will continue to use the STAR framework to improve and advance the many successful initiatives that make Broward County a nationally recognized 4-STAR community.

Thanks to all the agencies, staff and community partners who helped to make this project a success: Airport Development, Cultural Affairs Division, Emergency Management, Facilities Management, Family Success Administration Division, Historical Commission, Human Resources Division, Human Services, Office of Economic & Small Business Development, OIAPS, Parks and Recreation, Permitting Licensing & Consumer Protection, Planning and Redevelopment, Pollution Prevention Remediation and Air Quality Division, Office of Public Communications, Purchasing, Solid Waste and Recycling Services, Supervisor of Elections Office, Traffic and Engineering, Broward County Public Schools, Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization, Broward Sheriff’s Office, Children’s Services Council of Broward, FHEED, Florida Department of Health in Broward County, South Florida Regional Planning Council, TOUCH, UF-IFAS Broward County Extension Office, Urban Health Solutions Urban Health Partnerships, and WorkForce One.

Get Involved!

To get more information on how you can participate in this Broward community-wide assessment, use the STAR framework on a local project or help promote the Broward County 4-STAR rating, contact Jill Horwitz, Natural Resources Specialist, Broward County Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division, at