Municipal Green Initiatives Survey

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Do you know how GREEN Broward’s cities are?


Since 2011, Broward County’s Energy and Sustainability Program has performed a Municipal Green Initiatives Survey, working with our 31 municipalities to assess and advance the community’s collective sustainability goals and initiatives.

The effort has become a nationally-recognized model of intergovernmental cooperation, winning a 2012 Achievement Award by the National Association of Counties.
See how your city stacks up.
The 2015 Municipal Green Initiatives Survey Report provides a snapshot of the growing efforts to achieve sustainability in our community. Comparing across three surveys, spanning 6 years of data, the report captures and celebrates our many accomplishments, while highlighting new best practices and revealing regional trends.
Don't forget to check out the last few pages, which includes the Matrix - an easy way to compare your efforts with that of your neighboring municipality, and the Participant Contact List, so you can attain more detailed project information by contacting the municipality’s survey liaison directly.


Past Survey Results:

2013 Municipal Green Initiatives Survey Report

2013 Matrix of Municipal Green Initiatives in Broward County

2013 Survey Participant Contact List


2011 Report “Sustainability in Broward County Florida: Local Government in Action”

2011 Matrix of Municipal Green Initiatives in Broward County

2011 Survey Participant Contact List


The information and case studies included in both reports will continue to inform and inspire activities, pushing the needle further to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our programs, and - ultimately – the health, vitality, resiliency, and sustainability of our collective Broward community.


Thank you to all our participants and partners in the cities and community

who are helping us make Broward County a more energy efficient,  

climate resilient, and sustainable place to live, every day!