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What's New & FAQs
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What's New

Greenways Master Plan

2/13/02 - On February 12, 2002, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners approved the Greenways Master Plan and individual plans for the five phase one corridors. The Commission also approved a funding strategy for the design and construction of the five phase one corridors and established a Selection/Negotiation Committee to hire a firm to design and permit four of the five priority corridors.

11/19/2002 - The Broward County Board of County Commissioners approved a $2.4 million dollar contract for the survey, design and permitting of four of the five phase one corridors. The four corridors are the C-14 Canal, Dixie Highway, SR 84, and the Flamingo Hiatus. Also included in this contract is the Master Plan for SR A1A.

7/31/03 - Work Authorization 1 is drawing to a close, culminating the delivery of a detailed scope of services (WA 3) for the design and permitting of each of the priority corridors: the C-11, C-14, Flamingo/Hiatus, SR 84 and Dixie Highway Corridors. These detailed scopes of services are a result of seven months of work which included:

  1. Additional field visits and tours of the priority corridors;
  2. Workshops and meetings with each of the anticipated permitting agencies for each of the corridors;
  3. Verification and finalization of detailed Greenways routing within each corridor;
  4. Establishing of a series of typical sections for each corridor;
  5. Establishing a series of 'design manuals', including the Canal Crossing Policy Memo and the Intersection Crossing Policy Memo, which will guide current and future Greenways design development;
  6. Finalization of the "out of box" Policy Memo regarding ultimate future alternatives of design solutions;
  7. Finalization of a design and review methodology with County staff.

Workshops and meetings with permitting agencies included discussions with the Florida East Coast Railroad (FEC) regarding the development of the Dixie Highway Corridor.

Upon approval of the design scope for each priority corridor, design efforts - including permitting - are anticipated to take up to 18 months for completion. The detailed engineering design effort will include an extensive public outreach program, as well as weekly design status meetings with County Staff.

Aerial photography of each of the priority Greenways corridors has been completed. These include the Cypress Creek, Griffin-Orange, New River, Flamingo Road, Hiatus Road,and Dixie Highway Greenways. The aerial photography has been augmented with field survey data, photogrammetric data and parcel data. Design packages have been formatted and the engineering and design effort has begun.

Barrier Islands Greenway

7/31/03 - Public outreach meetings were conducted during the weeks of June 2 and June 9, 2003, with five separate meetings held over that time to solicit public input for the A1A Greenway Master Plan. The program for each of the public workshops involved discussion of the observations included in the Opportunity and Constraints memorandum as delivered by the design team as well as interim recommendations for the development of the corridor.

The meetings were held during the first two weeks in June 2003, in Pompano Beach, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood. Approximately 50 people attended the workshops and provided good feedback to the draft recommendations.

Other issues raised by the public were incorporated into the draft master plan. Next steps in the process included final compilation of the public comments, refinement of the draft master plan and finalization of the recommendations. Delivery of the final draft of the master plan and recommendations was accomplished in November 2003.

2/04 - Several public workshops were held soliciting input from the communities being affected by the proposed Greenway design and construction.

Cypress Creek Greenway

2/13/02 - The City of Tamarac has completed construction of a portion of this greenway within their jurisdiction. This section runs from University Drive west to the end of Southgate Boulevard, for a 2.5-mile path. Parking is available in Veterans' Park at the northwest corner of Southgate Blvd and University Dr. In addition to the bike path, Veterans' Park offers a picnic area with grill, small boat launching ramp, a Veterans Memorial and restrooms.

Conservation Levee Greenway 

2/13/02 - Broward County has earmarked $200,000 from the Safe Parks and Land Preservation Bond program to construct trail heads and access points for the Conservation Levee Trail at Markham Park and Atlantic Boulevard.

Staffs from several Broward County divisions are working with the South Florida Water Management District, the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Coral Springs to bring this project to fruition.

10/2002 - Broward County began the design of the trailhead and Atlantic Blvd. and the Sawgrass Expressway. Because of construction planned improvements to some water control structures it is likely that this project may have to be phased. Phase one will be the access to the trailhead from Atlantic Blvd. Phase two will improvements that will enable easy access to the levy by wheelchair.

11/30/03 - The Broward County Parks and Recreation Division has submitted plans for the access at Atlantic Blvd and the Sawgrass Expressway to the SFWMD. Because this project includes parking, the County must petition the District to waive its prohibition of parking on its right-of-way. The petitioning process could add as much as four months to the permitting process.

The Parks and Recreation Division also began the design process for access to the levee at Markham Park.

Dixie Highway Greenway

2/13/02 - Several cities along the Dixie Highway corridor, including Deerfield Beach, Oakland Park and Fort Lauderdale, are actively pursing redevelopment efforts, which will incorporate plans for the trail. In addition, the City of Hollywood has obtained a technical assistance grant from the National Park Service to study corridor issues along the southern portion of Dixie Highway and is coordinating this effort with Dania Beach, Hallandale Beach and Broward County.

5/30/03 - Several submittals were made to the FEC illustrating the final anticipated route of the Dixie Highway Greenway, including typical sections showing development of the FEC right of way within FEC guidelines. The FEC replied to the request and has denied the use of the right of way at this time. Therefore, the design team is at work identifying potential alternatives for the development of the Dixie Highway corridor as an urban greenway.

8/24, 26/2004 - Two workshops will be held to review and receive public input regarding the revised Dixie Highway Greenway design.

Flamingo Road and Hiatus Road Greenways

2/13/02 - A 3/4 mile section of the Hiatus Road Greenway from Oakland Park Blvd. to NW 44 Street was constructed by the City of Sunrise.

Rock Island Road Greenway Corridor 14 on the Broward County Master Plan

2/13/02 - The City of Margate has approved design plans for a greenway along the Florida Power and Light easement running parallel to Rock Island Road between Copans Road and Atlantic Boulevard. The City has been awarded a $240,000 federal grant for this project and has also applied for a grant to acquire land for a trailhead through the Florida Forever program.

New River Greenway

2/13/02 - Broward County is completing design plans for a multi-purpose path along two sections of this corridor and will begin construction on both projects later this year. The Marina Mile project, located on the north side of SR 84 from I-95 to the New River drawbridge, is an eight to ten foot wide paved multi- purpose path. The New River drawbridge was recently renovated by the Florida Department of Transportation to include a six foot wide path on the north side.

West of the New River drawbridge, Broward County has completed design of the "Missing Link" project so named because it will restore bicycle/pedestrian connections along SR 84 to west Broward County lost when I-595 was constructed. The Missing Link project will include a ten-foot wide multipurpose landscaped path beginning just east of SR 7 and ending at the Sewell Lock. This project includes a bridge over the New River Canal east of SR 7.

11/2002 - A short but important segment of this greenway along SR 84/ Marina Mile was recently completed. This segment, which runs from I-95 to just west of SR7, provides a wide sidewalk through this highly urbanized area. Before construction was even completed, pedestrians were seen using this facility.

11/31/03 - The County has obtained a permit from the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) and is now preparing the plans for permit review by the Florida Department of Transportation.


What is a greenway?
There are many different definitions of a greenway, but simply put it is a linear park. In Broward County the Greenway corridors will be a combination of linear parks, on-road bicycle facilties, sidewalks, and multi-purpose paths.

My home is near a greenway. I am concerned about my property values and crime and vandalism along the greenway?
Broward County's Greenways corridors follow existing public rights-of-way such as roads and canal easements which are nearly always separated from residential subdivisions. In addition, nationwide studies have shown that greenways either have a positive or neutral impact on adjacent property values. For additional information about these studies, try the following links.

Rail-Trails and Safe Communities :The Experience on 372 Trails (PDF)
The Effect of Greenways on Property Values & Public Safety (PDF)
Evaluation of the Burke-Gilman Trail's Effect on Property Values and Crime (PDF) 

How do I get involved in the design process?
Broward County will conduct an extensive public involvement campaign during the design phase of the Greenways planning process. Public notices will be published in the newspapers and on this website.

If you would like to be notified directly of the public workshops, CLICK HERE to go to the form you will need to fill out.

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