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Broward 100
Broward Housing Authority
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Multi-Family Housing Bond Program
Project Requirements
Process for New Project Selection Application
Process for Bond Financing
Fees and Expenses
Relevant Dates
Financial Team
Single Family Revenue Bond
Available Funds
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Fees and Expenses
Developers are responsible for the payment of all fees and expenses relating to each bond issue pursued on its behalf and are responsible for payment of same regardless of whether such costs are capable of being financed with bond proceeds. The fees outlined herein relate only to the HFA and do not include trustee fees, continuing disclosure costs, financial advisor fees, credit enhancement fees, underwriting fees, bond counsel fees or other costs of issuance.

All HFA fees are non-negotiable and shall be paid via cashier's check to the Housing Finance Authority of Broward County. The HFA's fees are payable at the times required in these Bond Policies and in the specific amounts required below. No discounts will be offered based on the size of a bond issue, and all fees are non-refundable, except as otherwise provided herein. More...