Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I have to take time off from work to visit EAP?

A: An initial EAP appointment, when made in conjunction with a supervisor’s referral, is on County time. Subsequent EAP appointments, or appointments that you make yourself (self-referral) should be submitted as a sick leave or personal leave request.

Q: How much does it cost to use EAP?

A: EAP services are free. If you are referred for additional treatment, there may be employee costs, depending upon your health insurance plan.

Q: I want to talk to an EAP Professional, but I don’t want my supervisor to find out I’m using EAP.

A: Self-referral to EAP is completely confidential. Your supervisor will not be given any information about your situation unless you request or agree to it. If you are referred to EAP by your supervisor because of performance concerns, we will let him or her know that you kept your appointment, and whether or not you accepted and followed through with recommended referrals. However, we will not divulge any additional information about you.​​