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Human Resources Division
115 South Andrews Avenue, Room 508
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Class Code:B7432


SUMMARY :   Under general to limited supervision, performs a variety of journey level plumbing and related maintenance and repair work.



·         Inspects public restrooms in order to ensure that fixtures are working properly and/or identify non-working fixtures.

·         Troubleshoots non-working fixtures, valves, irrigation systems, and/or lift station pumps in order to identify the nature of the problem and type of repair needed.

·         Replaces broken fixtures, valves, pumps, controllers, and/or irrigation heads in order to restore restroom, lift station, or irrigation system functionality.

·         Repairs a variety of plumbing fixtures, valves, lift station/swimming pool pumps, and/or irrigation components in order to restore fixtures, valves, lift station, water park feature, and/or irrigation system to proper working condition and minimize replacement costs.

·         Interacts with the public in order to answer questions, identify their service needs, or locate missing materials.

·         Unplugs fixtures, lines, and related devices in order to restore service.

·         Inspects irrigation systems and/or lift stations in order to ensure that pumps/systems are working properly and/or identify non-working pumps/systems.

·         Performs routine maintenance on waste system lines, lift stations, and/or irrigation systems in order to ensure that systems are functioning properly.

·         Performs related work as required.


KNOWLEDGE, ABILITIES AND SKILLS – REQUIRED AT TIME OF HIRE : (Applicants are expected to possess the required Knowledges, Abilities, and/or Skills listed below prior to being hired for positions in this job title.)

·         Knowledge of plumbing principles, practices, and techniques.

·         Knowledge of repair principles, practices, and techniques for a variety of standard fixtures, valves, and related items.

·         Knowledge of operating principles of a variety of plumbing fixtures, valves, and related items, including operating pressures.

·         Ability to determine the type of repair that is appropriate for various types of plumbing fixtures, valves, pumps, and similar devices.

·         Ability to troubleshoot a variety of plumbing systems, fixtures, valves, and related items.

·         Ability to lift and carry up to 50 lbs. without assistance.

·         Ability to learn/perform a variety of plumbing related work activities in assigned Department.


KNOWLEDGE, ABILITIES AND SKILLS – NOT REQUIRED AT TIME OF HIRE BUT EXPECTED TO BE DEVELOPED ON THE JOB:   (The following Knowledges, Abilities, and/or Skills listed below, although considered to be necessary in order to perform the work of this job title, are not required at time of hire.)

·         Knowledge of plumbing codes, regulations, and guidelines.

·         Knowledge of the principles and practices of irrigation system design and maintenance.

·         Knowledge of amount of supplies/materials needed to carry out assigned work projects.

·         Ability to interact with co-workers, County officials, and the general public, including members of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, regardless of race, religion, age, sex, disability, political affiliation, or sexual orientation to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

·         Ability to read/interpret blueprints, schematic, or exploded views of a variety of plumbing fixtures, valves, pumps, and related items.

·         Ability to locate stoppages/blockages in waste system lines.


DESIRABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE :   Successful completion of job related tests. Two (2) years journey level maintenance plumbing work OR completion of an accredited course/apprenticeship in plumbing desired

NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENT:    Must possess a valid Florida Driver's License.



Bargaining Unit:      Blue Collar 
FLSA Status:           Non-exempt
Code of Ethics Certification:  No
Class Spec. Estab./Revised:  E 01/1976    R 05/2012


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