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Human Services Fee Schedule for 2015
Broward County > Human Services > Administration > Human Services Fee Schedule for 2015

The Human Services Department provides many services to clients and is authorized to charge fees to clients on a bundled basis (a flat fee based on any number of services provided within a specified period of time) or on an individual fee for service basis, and for services which are not otherwise paid for, in whole or in part, by Medicaid, or any other governmental agency. Bundled or individual fee for services are categorized based on long established billing guidelines by Medicaid, and other governmental entities. The following is a description of each service category and the fee associated with that service category.

Child Care Licensing and Enforcement Services 

  • Child Care Facility Fees
  • Child care and Home Facility Licensure Fee Schedule
  • Other Fees

Direct Services

  • Bundled Services
  • Individual Fee for Service
  • Support Services
  • Other Fees and Billing