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Broward Addiction Recovery
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BARC Flier ArtBARC Celebrates 40 Years of Serving Our Community
Throughout the past four decades, BARC has been providing substance abuse treatment services to the citizens of Broward County. Initially growing from a single detox unit in 1973, BARC currently serves over 5,000 people per year within one or more of its five treatment units consisting of Detox Services, Admissions, Residential Services, Non-Residential Day Treatment and Outpatient Treatment Services. For more information contact Patty Bailey at

pillsPrescription Medication – the New
Drug of Choice

Florida has become the prescription pain medication capital of the nation, with startling increases in the use of pain medication resulting in nearly 4,000 opiate-related deaths from 2000-2010. Heroin/oxycodone abuse and addiction admissions at Broward Addiction Recovery Center are up as well. More...


Broward Addiction Recovery Center (BARC) is dedicated to serve our community by:

  • Strengthening our social safety net
  • Providing integrated substance abuse and mental health care services
  • Promoting successful recovery and reintegration back into the community


Central locationThe Broward Addiction Recovery Center strives to become an active member and leader of substance abuse treatment and services for the community. Broward Addiction Recovery Center will solidify existing relationships with community organizations to fulfill its mission to provide substance abuse treatment and services to underserved populations and criminal justice defendants. As a leader in the community, Broward Addiction Recovery Center will collaborate with community providers to meet the needs of the community and those who will benefit from its services.

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