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Behavioral Health Funding
Special Needs Funding
Other Funding
Other Funding


Subsidized Child Care Funding


Family Central, Inc.

Child Care Subsidies

    • Subsidized Child Care: Children from birth to age six (6) from low-income families at or below 150% of Federal Poverty Level guidelines.
    • Special Needs:  Children from birth to the sixth (6th) birthday who meet the above requirements and have Special Needs and either an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or an Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP).  Clients enrolled in a Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program or an Exceptional Student Education program are eligible to receive services outside of school hours.

Independent Living Funding

Lutheran Services Florida, Inc.

    • Rental Assistance Subsidies, Independent Living Skills instruction and other supportive services for youth who are homeless, ages 17-21 or up to age 23, if aging out of the foster care system and who would otherwise be homeless.