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Tracking the Tropics

The 2017 Hurricane Season is here. Broward County Emergency Management closely monitors weather activity in the tropics, especially during Hurricane Season. As South Florida approaches the peak of hurricane season, which lasts through November 30, it is especially important that residents have their emergency plans in place and an emergency preparedness kit available. Don't know what you need? We have some useful tips:


How You Can Help in an Emergency

  • Get a kit! Don’t wait until a storm is approaching to buy items for your emergency preparedness kit. For convenience, use our 8-Week Shopping Guide to spread your purchases out over time.
  • Stay Connected! Subscribe to Emergency Updates. Follow us on and like us on If you’re informed, you’ll know what to do to protect you and your family in an emergency.
  • Report Home Damage! Bookmark the Home Damage Assessment application on your mobile device so that you can report home damage, and help first responders assess impacts in the immediate aftermath of a hurricane or other emergency.
  • Volunteer! At no time is the need for volunteers greater than during a recovery effort. Find Out Ways You Can Help

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