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Health Care Services
Health Care Servives

The Health Care Services Section of the Human Services Department administers funds dedicated to providing the highest quality, consumer-friendly and cost-effective services to individuals with health care, behavior health, mental health and special health care needs as approved by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners. The Section is responsible for the professional oversight, as well as fiscal and contract administration, pertaining to the delivery of funded health care services, and related support services. Services include primary health care, behavioral health, mental health, and special health care services.

Section staff is responsible for assisting with both the creation and support of solicitations conducted on behalf of the Section, including proposal content and related documents. Staff provides information or clarification as to prior outcome attainment, program monitoring and fiscal performance of the agencies competing for funds. Finally, staff will negotiate agreements with those Applicants whose applications are recommended for funding, and subsequently approved by the Board of County Commissioners.