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On September 23, 2014, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners enacted Ordinance #2014-32, revising Broward County historic preservation regulations to be consistent with federal and state requirements for a State of Florida Certified Local Government (CLG). The amendment to the Broward County Code of Ordinances created a new Historic Preservation Board (HPB) and establish criteria for designating historic and archaeological resources, which are applicable in unincorporated Broward County and in municipalities that have not established local historical preservation ordinances.

The HPB designates or recommends for designation historic landmarks and districts, and then reviews applications to alter, add on to, demolish or move a landmark or properties within a historic district. Comprehensive plans, zoning, subdivision, and other land use laws can also be instrumental in supporting historic preservation and neighborhood conservation programs.

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Amended by Ordinance #2014-32, enacted September 23, 2014, creating, deleting, and revising various sections of 31 1/2-104 and 31 1/2-105 of Article VI of the Broward County Code. Repeals Article VII, Broward County Code, "Historical Commission". Repeals Article XVI, Broward County Code, "Archaeological Cultural Resource Sites".

CLG Designation

In the summer of 2016, the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Florida Department of State’s Division of Historical Resources designated Broward County’s Historic Preservation program as a Certified Local Government (CLG). 

Designation as a Florida CLG affirms the County’s commitment to historic preservation and solidifies the partnership with the state’s Bureau of Historic Preservation. Broward is one of 73 other certified local governments throughout Florida. 

*Official letters announcing Broward’s CLG status:


Roster of Members

Nine members: One member of the Historic Preservation Board shall be a licensed architect with demonstrable historic preservation experience and the remaining eight members shall be practicing or retired professionals from each of the following areas of disciplines:

  • Archaeology, anthropology, or cultural anthropology
  • Historic architecture, architectural history, or an allied or related profession
  • History or folklore
  • Historic preservation
  • Planning and land use related to historic preservation
  • Conservation or curation
  • General or building contractor
  • Professional engineering
  • Licensed Architect

Technical information about the Board

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