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Board of Members and Categories

Sheldon McCartney, Chair

Sheldon McCartney is Chairman of Board of the Project Stable Foundation and serves on the advisory board of the Old Davie School Historical Museum Board. His past achievements include President of the award winning McCartney Construction Company, responsible for noted restoration projects throughout Miami/Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.  Projects include Miami City Hall, Edison Middle School, Old Miami Beach City Hall, Colony Theatre in Miami/Dade County, Peele Dixie water plant, New River Court, Old Dillard School, Old Davie School and Viele House in Broward County, and the Flagler Museum and North Fire Station in Palm Beach.  Well versed in construction and now retired from his firm, he stays active in the construction industry as a board member of the Constructions Specifications Institute and is a consultant to non-profit organizations.  Appointed by Broward County Vice Mayor Beam Furr, Sheldon McCartney serves as Chair of the Historic Preservation Board and fills the professional category of general or building contractor.


Derek T. Davis, Vice Chair

Derek T. Davis, now retired, was previously the Curator of the Old Dillard Museum in Fort Lauderdale, developing cultural and educational programs at a historic schoolhouse listed on the National Register of Historic sites, built as the first public school building for blacks in Broward County.  His work included organizing exhibitions, administering musical concerts, managing collaborations with cultural organizations, facilitating policies and procedures for non-profit fundraising organizations, conducting tours, and overseeing website development and managing the museum staff.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Florida Atlantic University.  Appointed by Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness, Derek Davis serves as Vice Chair of the Historic Preservation Board and fills the professional category of conservation or curation.



Rick Ferrer, Historic Preservation Officer
Sunshine Thomas, PhD, County Archaeological Consultant

Jeff Schwartz, Board Member
Historic Preservation
Jeff Schwartz, Board Member 

Jeffrey Schwartz is the President of the Parkland Historical Society.  In this capacity, he was directly involved with creating and burying the Parkland time capsule, scheduled to be opened on the city’s 100 year anniversary.  He initiated the city’s historical marker program, identifying and marking sites as well as educating public visitors, and was critical in getting the city’s first book on the History of Parkland, Florida, written and published; he wrote the acknowledge for the final publication.  A world traveler, he has been to almost 100 countries, for both work and personal enjoyment.  He received his Bachelors of Geology from City University New York, York College, and followed up with a Lamont Doherty Geological Observatory Fellowship in Geophysics at Columbia University.  Appointed by Commissioner Michael Udine, Jeff Schwartz serves as a Member of the Historic Preservation Board and fills the professional category of historic preservation.


Daniel J. Stallone, Esq., Board Member
Historic Preservation Planning and Land Use
Daniel J. Stallone, Esq., Board Member 

Daniel J. Stallone is the Town of Davie Police Code Compliance Official, a former legal advisor to the Davie Police Department with experience in red light camera infraction program, forfeiture actions, false alarm enforcement program coordinator, and code enforcement of zoning and land use codes, lien and fine mitigation, and author of municipal ordinances. Daniel Stallone holds a Bachelors in Geology from the University of Dayton, Ohio; Master’s in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University; Juris Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University and admitted to practice law in Florida; and completing a dissertation on complaint analysis for a Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution, also from Nova Southeastern. Appointed by Commissioner Steve Geller, Danny Stallone serves as a Member of the Historic Preservation Board and fills the professional category of historic preservation planning and land use.


Cynthia Strachan-Saunders, Board Member
Historian, Folklore 
Cynthia Strachan-Saunders, Board Member

Cynthia Strachan Saunders is a vocalist, songwriter, actress, and author.  As a vocalist, known as “Jus’ Cynthia”, her debut CD is a collection of smooth jazz and contemporary songs.  Her debut book, a pictorial and written oral history of the first decade of Carver Ranches, stemmed from her grandparents, who were original pioneers of the area.  She currently owns, occupies, and maintains the first Broward County Designated Historical Site, her family home of Bowles-Strachan House, and operates the associated museum on-site.  Appointed by Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief, Cynthia Saunders serves as a Member of the Historic Preservation Board and fills the professional category of history or folklore.