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1. What is the purpose of the County’s Historic Preservation Board recommendations to amend the Historic Preservation Ordinance?

The County's Historic Preservation Board ("HPB") has expressed concern that historic resources and archaeological sites may be inadequately protected from inappropriate development, demolition, and destruction. The County Ordinance specifically provides regulations related to development, demolition, and destruction, providing for a Certificate of Appropriateness and a Certificate to Dig. The County Ordinance is currently applicable to 13 municipalities and the Broward Municipal Services District. The County Ordinance allows municipalities to be exempted upon passage of a local historic preservation ordinance. Currently, there are no minimum standards for a local municipal program to qualify for such exemption. In this light, the HPB reviewed the County Ordinance and expressed that historic and archaeological resources may be lost in parts of Broward County where local programs have insufficient regulations to protect and preserve historic and archaeological resources.

It is noted that Broward County and four municipal programs - Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Oakland Park, and Pompano Beach - have attained the status of Certified Local Government ("CLG") by meeting criteria established by the State of Florida. CLG program Ordinances must include provisions for designating historic buildings and sites, as well as permitting for alteration to historic buildings and disturbing archaeological sites. These requirements ensure that a CLG's historic preservation program is robust, professionally administered, and supported by a qualified board.

The HPB has recommended, consistent with staff's recommendation, that the Ordinance be amended to provide that municipalities seeking to be exempt from Chapter 5, Article XVII, "Preservation of Historical Cultural Resource Sites," attain CLG status from the State of Florida and that those that have not attained CLG status be subject to the Ordinance.  If the subject Motion to Direct is approved by the Board of County Commissioners, County staff and the HPB will coordinate with affected municipalities and interested parties to identify an appropriate process/timetable.

2. What is a “Certified Local Government’ or CLG? 

Certified Local Government (‘CLG’) is a Federal-State-Local partnership under which the State delegates certain responsibilities to local governments that meet specific qualifications for certification. CLGs accept and maintain minimum Federal and State requirements for conducting historic preservation programs. A community’s involvement as a CLG indicates that it is committed to recognizing, recording and protecting its historical and/or archaeological heritage. 

CLG communities participate in special trainings and workshops; share information, discuss issues and pose questions through professional List Serve networks and have access to grants available only to certified governments. 

Through CLG participation, a community sets the bar for its preservation program ensuring professional standards apply for its local board, ordinance, program and staff. Professional standards allow for good and fair decision making, especially when dealing with complex and regulatory issues.

3. What is the benefit of being served for historic preservation by Broward’s Certified Local Government program?

Broward County’s CLG program provides:
(a) ​Technical support by both the Historic Preservation Board and staff.
(b) ​Conducts historical surveys.
(c) ​Applies for grants for surveys and educational programming.
(d) ​Conducts special events, meetings and workshops to promote education and awareness such as Pioneer Day.
(e) ​Reviews and makes recommendations for nominations to the National Register of Historic Places.
(f) ​Reviews and makes recommendations for nominations for historic resource designations.
(g) ​Reviews and approves applications for work to designated resources.
(h) ​Reviews and makes recommendations for historical markers.
(i) ​Reviews and makes recommendations for County support through the Historic Preservation Fund.

4. Is Broward County a "CLG"?  Is my municipality a "CLG"? 

Yes, Broward County obtained certification National Park Service and Florida’s Department of State in 2016. Broward County was the 74th local government certification in the state. Other CLG governments within Broward County include: Pompano Beach (2002), Oakland Park (2015), Fort Lauderdale (2010) and Hollywood (1995). Other regional CLGs in South Florida include: Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Collier Counties as well as many local municipalities.

5. If a municipality wishes to apply for Certified Local Government, how much time will it have to become certified?

Having undergone through the CLG application process, Broward County recognizes the amount of time it takes to gather information and complete an application for State review. An application period of between 18 to 24 months is expected. The County would be available for technical support if needed.