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News You Can Use - June 2016

Information and tips to help you live healthier and happier

3 Tips To Improve Your Mood... Fast! 

Girl with WeightsWhat's the best way to break out of a bad mood? Try these tips – from renowned, mood expert Robert Thayer, Ph.D. – to lift your energy and improve your mood... fast:

  1. Move your body – A bad mood has two major components, says Thayer, feelings of tension and low energy. Exercise can boost your mood by relieving tension, raising energy and increasing optimism. You don't need to be super fit to enjoy the mood-lifting benefits of exercise. According to Thayer's research, even a brisk 10-minute walk immediately increases your energy and improves your mood.
  2. Listen to music – Music is second only to exercise in raising energy and reducing tension, according to Thayer. Music activates the part of your brain that is hardwired for pleasure and has a powerful influence over your state of mind. Thayer feels that music is underused as a highly efficient method of lifting mood. Any music you like works.
  3. Seek social interaction – Social interaction also scores big when it comes to changing a bad mood and reducing tension. According to Thayer, humans are social animals and social interaction influences our mood. Social interaction is especially effective for women, who overwhelmingly report calling or seeing a friend, or initiating social interaction as an effective way to improve their mood.

Other methods to lift your mood

  • Practice deep breathing. Here's what to do. Close your eyes and inhale slowly and deeply through your nose (approx. 7 seconds), then exhale slowly through your mouth (approx. 8 seconds). Do this for five minutes. This technique, known as the "relaxation response" will calm your brain, relax your body and lift your mood.
  • Take a 10 to 30 minute nap. You will feel low energy when you first arise from a nap, Thayer says, but that will soon dissipate and leave you feeling refreshed.
  • Immerse yourself in activity that distracts you from your bad mood. Shopping, sports, chores, hobbies and reading are all seen as useful activities to change a bad mood.
  • Treat yourself to something that makes you feel good. A homemade facial, a luxurious steamy shower, a back massage, a warm cup of tea or hot cocoa – even the tiniest treat may pick up your mood.
  • Laugh. There's no possible way that you can laugh and stay in a bad mood.

Employee Assistance Program Services

Employee Assistance Program symbolThe Broward County Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all Broward County Government employees and their families to assist with most personal problems affecting the quality of life at home or on the job at no charge. Participation in the program is voluntary and completely confidential. Licensed professionals can assist you with:

  • Family problems
  • Work conflicts
  • Stress
  • Grief and loss
  • Financial problems
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse
  • Anxiety

Call for a free and confidential appointment or more information at 954-357-5600 or email at Additional information on our services is also available at

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