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The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a variety of training programs designed to prevent problems in the workplace and to enhance employees' skill sets.

Employ​ee Training

The following class is offered to all County employees by EAP staff:

  • Destressing Yourself at Work will teach skills for relaxation and stressor identification. Tips for planning and implementing stress reduction solutions will also be practiced.

Register for this class through the Learning Center.

Workplace Trai​ning

The following courses are available upon the request of a manager.

  • EAP Supervisor's Training covers the basics of supervision and emphasizes the role of management in preventing many attitude, behavior and performance problems. Supervisors and managers learn how to recognize the "troubled employee," how to constructively confront behavior and performance problems, and how to develop a winning strategy for resolving performance-based problems.
  • Workplace Violence Prevention demonstrates to participants how the County’s Workplace Violence and Whistle-blower Policies work together with sound management practice to help prevent violence in the workplace. Participants learn about the continuum of violence and the profile of the violent perpetrator, as well as how to defuse violence and report violent incidents.
  • Substance Abuse/Reasonable Suspicion acquaints participants with the County's Drug Free Workplace Policy, identifies sub-standard performance indicators and situations in which testing may be appropriate, and spells out the appropriate personnel actions to assess, counsel and refer for treatment or rehabilitation.
  • Drug Free Workplace describes the differences between use, abuse, and addiction and helps participants understand what addiction is and is not. It also teaches the behavioral indicators of early, middle and late stage addiction, as well as the consequences of addiction, what help is available, and how to intervene.

To request a class contact EAP at 954-357-5600 or​​​​​​​​​​​