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Human Resources Division
115 South Andrews Avenue, Room 508
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Class Code:B7931


SUMMARY :   Under general supervision, operates a commercial scale and collects related user fees at a County landfill facility.



·         Calculates landfill use fees in order to determine amount for customer to pay.

·         Processes money received in order to account for landfill use fees.

·         Calculates waste volumes in order to ensure that appropriate landfill fees are charged.

·         Inspects incoming loads of waste in order to ensure that hazardous materials are not present and/or to identify the category/type of material for billing.

·         Balances cash drawer in order to ensure money (bills, coins and checks) in drawer matches funds processed.

·         Prepares bank deposits in order to ensure funds go into appropriate County bank account by filling out deposit slip and ensuring coins and bills match deposit amounts.

·         Performs minor maintenance/repairs on a variety of office equipment, including copiers, computers, and related equipment.

·         Performs related work as required.


KNOWLEDGE, ABILITIES AND SKILLS – REQUIRED AT TIME OF HIRE:    (Applicants are expected to possess the required Knowledges, Abilities, and/or Skills listed below prior to being hired for positions in this job title.)

·         Knowledge of money counting procedures.

·         Knowledge of minor office equipment maintenance/repair procedures and techniques.

·         Ability to operate a calculator to calculate trash volumes.

·         Ability to count/tabulate coins and bills to determine cash totals and make change.

·         Ability to calculate net weight from scale ticket to determine fee.

·         Ability to perform basic calculations involving multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

·         Ability to identify errors in account numbers, dates, amounts or related information.

·         Ability to understand and follow operational policies and procedures.

·         Ability to read and follow written instructions/procedures for performing minor office equipment maintenance and repair.

·         Ability to determine when maintenance/repair requires an experienced technician.


KNOWLEDGE, ABILITIES AND SKILLS – NOT REQUIRED AT TIME OF HIRE BUT EXPECTED TO BE DEVELOPED ON THE JOB:      (The following Knowledges, Abilities, and/or Skills listed below, although considered to be necessary in order to perform the work of this job title, are not required at time of hire.)

·         Knowledge of Department polices and procedures for handling cash transactions.  

·         Knowledge of procedures for operating a commercial scale.

·         Knowledge of materials classified as hazardous for landfill disposal.

·         Knowledge of procedures for preparing deposit slips.

·         Knowledge of information to be entered into the computer.

·         Knowledge of landfill use rates for various categories of materials.

·         Knowledge of account and bank codes used in department.

·         Knowledge of types and locations of various services available within the assigned Department or facility.

·         Knowledge of established customer service policies, procedures, and techniques.

·         Knowledge of materials comprising the general landfill billing categories.

·         Ability to operate a commercial scale.

·         Ability to explain unit operating policies and procedures to customers.


REQUIRED TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE :   Successful completion of job related tests.  One (1) year of cashier or closely related work desired.


Bargaining Unit:               Blue Collar                              

FLSA Status:                     Non-exempt

Code of Ethics Certification:                No

Class Spec. Estab./Revised:              E 10/1976    R 06/2004

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