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Class Code:P6398




This is specialized child care regulatory and quality of care rating work.


Work involves site visits to child care facilities and/or family child care homes and programs to conduct ratings of quality of service or care using the appropriate rating instrument. Responsible for achieving and maintaining rating reliability on the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale-Revised (ECERS-R), Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale (ITERS), and Family Day Care Rating Scale (FDCRS). Accountable for timely submission of documentation for completed quality assessments.  


Responsibilities also include on-going collaboration with the technical assistance agency, ensuring successful application of the Quality Rating System.


May also conduct site visits to monitor compliance with the County Child Care Facility and Family Child Care Home Ordinances and prepare monitoring reports. Responsibilities also include investigating complaints, providing technical assistance and in-service training for facility or home care providers, and providing advice to the community regarding best practices in early child development and care.


Work is performed with considerable initiative and judgment. Employees in this class assist in training and development.


Work is reviewed by a professional superior through conferences, reports, and observation of work results.





Achieves and maintains appropriate level of inter-rater reliability on the ECERS-R, ITERS, and/or FDCRS.


Assists in preparing reports of violations in preparation for hearings involving child care arrangements persistently in violation of the Child Care Ordinances.


Attends system coordination team meetings and regular meetings with the technical assistant agency and others as needed.


Communicates with technical assistance agency regarding assessment results and scores.


Completes and applies training on the ECERS-R, ITERS, and/or FDCRS, including reliability training and data collection procedures for the Rated Licensing System.


Completes reports and documentation of scores for rating scales according to established guidelines, using computer-based applications.   Submits completed documentation of assessments and summary reports in a timely manner.


Coordinates and facilitates training with State or County early child care resource persons, e.g., with regard to related support services, etc. Participates in the development and conduct of seminars, consultations, speaking engagements and other special events/projects as requested.


Investigates and reports complaints or allegations regarding licensed and/or unlicensed child care facilities and/or family child care homes through field visits. Confers with child care facility or home owners, directors, and/or staff to make compliance recommendations for quality improvements.


Maintains knowledge of trends and developments in the field by attending workshops and seminars on early childhood development and education, etc.


Makes site visits to child care facilities and/or family child care homes to monitor for compliance with established Child Care Facility and/or Family Child Care Ordinances, standards of education and training, health, safety, sanitation, and nutritional requirements. Prepares inspection reports using a laptop computer.


Makes site visits to conduct quality of service assessments in child care facilities or family child care homes, following the appropriate guidelines for assessment procedures.


Participates in the hearing process for child care facilities and/or family child care homes as requested.


Prepares investigation reports based on findings. Confers with professional superiors on cases as needed.


Prepares program, technical, and narrative reports, including evaluation reports, using computer-based applications.


Provides technical assistance to child care agencies and/or providers regarding program improvements as needed.  


Schedules and conducts exit interview with teachers, directors, and/or providers.


Performs related work as required.





Knowledge of community resources related to the needs of young children.


Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of early childhood development.


Knowledge of the provisions of the Florida State Statutes and County Child Care Ordinances regarding child care facilities and family child care homes.


Knowledge of child development and child care classroom best practices.


Ability to arrange and manage time independently and flexibility to manage conflicts that may arise.


Ability to assist owners, directors, and/or providers in meeting State and local Child Care regulations and in meeting the standards of a quality of care rating system.


Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.


Ability to complete rating assessments and required documentation in a timely manner using computer-based applications.


Ability to conduct investigations of complaints and/or allegations regarding licensed child care facilities or family child care homes utilizing courtesy and judgment to obtain information through interviews.


Ability to learn and apply knowledge of ECERS-R (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale-Revised), ITERS (Infant/Toddler Environment rating Scale), and/or FDCRS (Family Day Care Rating Scale).


Ability to maintain objectivity during the assessment or monitoring process.


Ability to make site visits and to conduct quality of care rating assessments based on training, using observation, interviews, and other evaluation techniques.


Ability to prepare and maintain records and to assist in preparing comprehensive reports using basic computer word processing and other applications.


Ability to serve the public and fellow employees with honesty and integrity in full accord with the letter and spirit of BrowardCounty's Ethics and Conflict of Interest policies.


Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the general public, co-workers, elected and appointed officials and members of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds regardless of race, color, religion, age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, or political affiliation.


Skill in applying reliability training and data collection procedures for the Rated Licensing System.


Skill in conducting quality of care assessments using the appropriate rating instruments:   ECERS-R (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale-Revised), ITERS (Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale), and/or FDCRS (Family Day Care Rating Scale).





Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in an area directly related to the assignment such as early childhood development, child psychology, etc.; three (3) years of experience in working with young children in a preschool or child care setting or in investigating the welfare of young children which includes six (6) months of experience in child care curriculum development or child care planning, or any equivalent combination of relevant training and experience.





This is field work. Must possess a valid Florida driver's license at time of appointment. Must be able to drive and to obtain and maintain authorization to drive on County business after appointment.


Will be required to have training on the ECERS-R (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale-Revised), ITERS (Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale), and/or FDCRS (Family Day Care Rating Scale) and on reliability training and data collection procedures for the Rated Licensing System.





Bargaining Unit:                  GSA Professional

FLSA Status:                      Non-exempt

Code of Ethics Certification:     No

Class Spec.: Estab./Revised:      E10/04

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