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Human Resources Division
115 South Andrews Avenue, Room 508
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Class Code:Y8075



This is advanced professional and administrative work with periodic supervisory responsibilities in the management of detention/corrections construction projects for Broward County Government.

Work involves responsibility for providing overall direction and administration of detention/corrections construction projects. It includes planning and reviewing the work of professional consultants. Emphasis of the work is on development of policies and procedures, consistent with Broward County Commission policies, goals and objectives. Monitors the work of architectural and engineering consultants and contractors engaged in the design and construction of a variety of complex county detention/corrections structures and related projects and ensures compliance. Incumbent exercises considerable independent judgment in the application of the principles and practices of planning, design, construction and administration of a variety of detention/correction construction projects. Assignments usually are received in the form of broad instructions or general program objectives. Supervision may be exercised over professional engineers/registered architects, sub-professional assistants, construction, inspection, maintenance or related clerical operations. Work is reviewed for general adherence to established guidelines and procedures.


Provides overall direction and administration of detention/corrections construction programs.

Serves as the liaison with the Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO) for detention/corrections construction projects.

Plans and oversees design of detention/corrections facilities.

Prepares construction documents for in-house detention/corrections projects.

Participates in space programming of detention/corrections facilities; prepares schematic drawings from program.

Plans and reviews the work of contracted architectural and engineering consultants.

Establishes guidelines for reviewing consultants' plans and specifications, and policies and procedures for processing consultants' invoices, requisitions and purchase orders.

Participates in negotiations with contractors, consultants, and County Attorney's Office.

Conducts meetings with consultants, contractors, and BSO representatives.

Coordinates the process of contract development, bidding, exchange of information, surveys, equipment, and services.

Prepares multi-year capital budget requests for detention/corrections construction projects.

Monitors the expenditures of the BSO capital maintenance budget.

Prepares and maintains an inventory log of all BSO facilities.

Prepares and maintains a projected capital multi-year maintenance schedule for all BSO facilities

Assesses conditions of existing detention/corrections facilities.

Resolves problems with existing detention/corrections facilities.

Seals and signs any plans, documents, permit applications as required.

Coordinates all efforts with BSO and City/County Building Departments.

Reviews contracts and agreements to ensure that contract documents, consultant agreements and agreements with others are appropriate.

Works with County Attorney's Office in resolving lawsuits against County and provides written answers to interrogatories from the plaintiff.

Participates in mediation hearings and testifies in court.

Participates in the development and maintenance of a Manual of Practice for Project Managers.

Conducts field visits to assist County inspectors in solving problems and reviewing progress.

Ensures that all construction is in compliance with appropriate standards.

Researches new methods and materials of construction.

Performs related work as required.


Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of engineering and architecture as applied to the construction and maintenance of detention/corrections facilities.

Thorough knowledge of the literature, trends and developments in the field of engineering and architecture.

Thorough knowledge of the Florida Building Code and Florida Model Jail Standards.

Thorough knowledge of the American Correctional Association Standards for Adult and Juvenile Correction Facilities.

Thorough knowledge of building materials, methods and construction systems.

Thorough knowledge of established policies, procedures and regulations.

Thorough knowledge of accounting principles relative to budget and costing adherence.

Thorough knowledge of construction management methods, standard construction practices and construction contracts and agreements.

Thorough knowledge of the principles of management, public and business administration and their application to the administration of government activities.

Thorough knowledge of the principles of supervision.

Ability to exercise judgment and discretion in devising and installing policies and procedures for the administration of construction projects.

Ability to delegate to subordinates the authority necessary to complete responsibilities in construction projects, when necessary.

Ability to understand complex architectural and engineering drawings and specifications related to complex detention/corrections construction projects.

Ability to interpret pertinent laws and regulations and enforce compliance with construction designs and schedules.

Ability to analyze cost estimates and make recommendations for issuance of change orders.

Ability to conduct meetings with consultants, contractors and representatives of other agencies.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with consultants, contractors, supervisors and department/division officials.

Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.

Ability to serve the public and fellow employees with honesty and integrity in full accord with the letter and spirit of Broward County's Ethics and Conflict of Interest policies.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the general public,

co-workers, elected and appointed officials and members of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds regardless of race, religion, age, sex, disability, political affiliation or sexual orientation.

Skill in the use of a personal computer and related software for preparation of reports and contract documents.


Graduation from an accredited four (4) year college or university with major course work in engineering, or five (5) year college or university with major course work in architecture; and six 6)years experience in professional engineering or architectural work, including four(4) years experience in management and administration of corrections facilities; or equivalent combination of relevant training and experience in corrections facilities design and management.


Registration as a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect in the State of Florida at time of appointment (according to business needs, as indicated by the hiring Department Director.)


In those instances in which a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect signs any document for the County in the performance of his/her regular work, that employee shall be accorded such protection and immunity from any lawsuit as a result of his/her conduct within the scope of his/her employment to the extent provided by law.


Bargaining Unit: Unrepresented

FLSA Status: Exempt

Code of Ethics

Certification: No

Work Location: Office of Project Management and Construction

Class Spec. Estab./Revised: E12/95

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