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Employment Benefits That Work For You!


The ABCs of Broward County Employment

Annual Leave

Benefit-eligible employees whose positions are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement accrue annual leave as shown below:

 County Service Accrual Rate
Less than 5 years 80 hours per year
5 to 10 years 120 hours per year
10 + years 160 hours per year

Health Benefits

The County offers High Deductible Health Plans and Consumer-Driven Health Plans through Humana Inc. Some of the highlights are:

High Deductible Health Plan

• A lower payroll deduction, higher deductible
• A County-funded Health Savings Account (HSA) based on tier of coverage
• Preventative health and pharmacy services provided at no cost
• All other health and pharmacy services are subject to the annual deductible based on tier of coverage, and when met, 30% coinsurance

Consumer-Driven Health Plans

  • Two plans to choose from with varying payroll deductions and deductibles
  • A County-funded Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) based on tier of coverage
  • Preventative health services provided at no cost
  • Copays for some office-based services; all other health services subject to the annual deductible, and when met, coinsurance based on plan selection
  • Copays for pharmacy services

All of the Health Plans

  • The County self-insures the pharmacy plan through Catamaran/Optum
  • All Health Plans are Open Access; requiring no referral to see a specialist
  • The County provides coverage for Domestic Partners (same and opposite sex) and children of Domestic Partners when Domestic Partnership is registered in Broward County (Special tax rules apply)
  • The County recognizes same-sex marriages for all benefits other than the Florida Retirement System (FRS)
  • Coverage for Over Age Dependents (aged 26-30) is provided (Special tax rules apply)
  • Coverage is effective on the first of the month following 60 days in a benefit-eligible position

Please see a complete list of the Health Plans at

Dental Plans

The County offers two dental plans; a DHMO plan through Humana/CompBenefits and Humana PPO.

  • Humana/CompBenefits DHMO Dental Plan
  • Humana PPO

Vision Plan

The County offers a comprehensive vision plan through UnitedHealthcare. Please visit UnitedHealthcare for more details.

You can visit for additional information on the County’s benefits.

Bus Passes  

Bus passes at discounted rates are available on a pre-tax basis through payroll deductions.

Career Advancement

With approximately 60 agencies and over 5,000 employees working in numerous work sites, exciting career opportunities are available in diverse areas.

Credit Union  

All County employees and their family members are eligible for membership in the state-chartered WE Florida Financial credit union.

Deferred Compensation

This is also known as a "457 plan" and it can reduce your taxes each pay period, through income deferral, and provides future benefits for retirement. The County has three providers; in alphabetical order they are: ICMA Retirement Corporation, MetLife (formerly Security First), and Nationwide Retirement Solutions (formerly PEBSCO).

Employee Development

The County sponsors a variety of classes to address the professional growth needs of employees and the developmental needs of the organization through classroom and electronic delivery.

Flexible Spending Accounts

A Medical Expense and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts allow benefit-eligible employees who are not enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan to be reimbursed for qualified medical and/or child care expenses on a pre-tax basis; saving FICA and income taxes.

Florida Retirement System

  • Retirement benefits are provided under the Florida Retirement System (FRS) for full-time, part-time 20+ and part-time 19 employees. 
  • Members can elect to enroll in the Pension Plan (Defined Benefit Plan) or Investment Plan (Defined Contribution Plan).
  • Effective July 1, 2011 the State requires all eligible employees  to contribute 3% of their gross salary on a pre-tax basis to the FRS plan of their choice. 
  • Employees hired on or after July 1, 2011 will vest in the FRS Pension plan occurs upon completion of eight (8) years of credited service. 
  • Employees hired prior to July 1, 2011 will vest in the FRS Pension plan upon completion of six (6) years of credited service.
  • Vesting in the FRS Investment Plan occurs upon completion of one (1) year of credited service.
  • If you have FRS credited service from other public employment, it automatically consolidates into one account.
  • If you have already retired under the FRS Pension Plan or taken a distribution from the FRS Investment plan you will not be permitted to participate in a State of Florida administered retirement plan to earn an additional retirement benefit. Please contact FRS at 1-866-446-9377 to ensure you understand how re-employment with an FRS employer will affect you.

Free Parking 

Free parking is located in the two garages adjacent to the Government Center and arrangements are made for employees that work at other County locations.


Ten (10) national holidays and two (2) personal days.

Legal Insurance

Legal insurance provides members with legal services through an in-network attorney or reimbursement when using a non-network attorney (up to plan limits). A wide array of legal services are available within this plan, including: divorce, child support and custody, traffic violations, debt, law suits and much more.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Coverage
Basic Life Insurance $25,000 of group term life insurance  FREE.
Employee Optional Life Insurance Up to $150,000 is available in $25,000 increments.
Dependent and Spouse/Domestic Partner Life Insurance Employees who elect at least $25,000 of employee optional life insurance coverage may purchase group term life insurance coverage on their eligible dependents, spouse/domestic partner or dependent children of their spouse/domestic partner.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care - coverage assists with the cost of providing help for people who can no longer care for themselves for reasons covered by the plan.

Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability - insurance provides disability income for covered individuals to assure regular income if you cannot work for an extended period of time because of a covered illness or injury.

Personal Income Protection

A variety of Personal Income Protection Plans are offered through AllState.

Positive Start

Newly promoted, first time supervisors or those new to supervision in Broward County are required to successfully complete a training program that addresses both the behavioral and technical skills necessary to be an effective supervisor.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Prescription benefits are provided as a part of the Health insurance coverage under the County’s self-insured pharmacy plan through Catamaran. Member cost is based on a copay for the Consumer-Driven Health plans and deductible and coinsurance for the High Deductible Health Plan.  For more information see

Sick Leave  

  • Eight (8) hours accrued every month.
  • If the employee does not use any sick leave over thirteen (13) consecutive pay periods, s/he will accrue an extra day or eight (8) hours of annual leave.
  • Employees may convert qualified sick leave hours into annual leave, usually on a two-to-one ratio, once annually.

Tri-Rail Passes Zoned Fares

Tri-Rail's Employer Discount Program allows employees to pay for monthly Tri-Rail passes through pre-tax payroll deductions.

Tuition Reimbursement

Broward County’s Tuition Reimbursement Program provides opportunities for employees to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities through undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate courses and/or coursework in vocational or technical institutions in the State of Florida. The program reimburses the cost of eligible tuition for courses related to an employee’s official duties. Some restrictions apply.

National Holidays

New Year's Day - January 1st
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - 3rd Monday in January
Presidents Day
Memorial Day - Last Monday in May
Independence Day - July 4th
Labor Day - 1st Monday in September
Veteran's Day - November 11th
Thanksgiving Day - 4th Thursday in November
Day After Thanksgiving - 4th Friday in November
Christmas Day - December 25th

WellBeing Program

The County is committed to encouraging healthier lifestyles by providing educational and preventative physical, emotional, and financial information to all of our employees through various on-site and online wellness programs. For more information, please visit


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