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Animal Care & Adoption Division
Broward County, FL

Salary Range: $32.22 - $52.85 hourly – Dependent upon Qualifications*

The Broward County Animal Care & Adoption Division is seeking a Part-Time Florida Licensed Veterinarian.

The Division
The Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Division is an open-admission municipal shelter with an annual intake of approximately 20,000 animals. This position’s primary functions will be the performance of high-volume, high quality surgical sterilizations and other surgeries as well as urgent and emergent veterinary care for the animals in the care of the Division.

Position Duties
The successful candidate performs high-volume, high-quality surgical sterilization; performs examinations, diagnosis and treatments for medical conditions of shelter animals following routine standard of care and the Association of Shelter Veterinarian Guidelines; performs forensic veterinary examinations as needed; provides prognosis for conditions and recommends treatment plan; understands shelter medicine, population health, and shelter flow; adheres to the highest ethical standards and provisions of veterinary care in a safe, competent, professional, and humane manner; responds to medical and surgical emergencies while on duty; completes records, as necessary for clear, quality communications with staff, volunteers, adopters, and with their veterinarians; adheres to applicable state and federal laws governing the practice of veterinary medicine. 

Must be capable of functioning well in an often loud, busy, stressful environment; provides ongoing training for staff; recommends and drafts policies and guidelines for the animal health program; develops protocols for handling ill and injured animals; supervises the administration of all drugs; responds to inquiries from the public & press; maintains effective community relations; participates in special community events; and advises/explains proper medical care and treatment of animals and pets; conducts performance evaluations; and insures that policies and procedures are consistent with and implemented according to state law, local ordinances and County policies.

Requires current license to practice Veterinary Medicine in the State of Florida. Also requires graduation from an accredited school of Veterinary Medicine and two (2) years experience in the practice of veterinary medicine; or any equivalent combination of relevant training and experience. All education, experience, certifications and/or licenses must be documented in resume to be considered. Please provide telephone number on resume.

How to Apply
Please submit your resume via e-mail to: Please type “Veterinarian” and your last name in the subject line. For additional information, please call 954-357-6020. Position Open Until Filled. 

*County starting salaries are generally at the minimum of the salary range, or dependent upon demonstrated and related qualifications, to the midpoint. Please be aware that all information provided may be subject to public inspection in accordance with Florida Sunshine Laws.

Broward County Is An Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider of Services