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Skip Navigation LinksHuman ServicesAdministrationChild Care Licensing and Enforcement Services 2016 - 2017 Fee Schedule

 2016 - 2017 Fee Schedule


1. Child Care Facility Fees:


Application fee


License Fees
Center capacity 0-50 $87.05
Center capacity 51-150

Center capacity over 150

License exempt facilities will be charged a fee for registration of $133.90
Child Care Facility Food Inspection fee:
Full Food Service Inspection Fee: $199.25
A full food service inspection shall be conducted two (2) times a year at child care facilities providing full food service. Full food service shall refer to the manipulation of foods intended for human consumption by such means as washing, slicing, peeling, chipping, shucking, scooping, and/or portioning. The term also includes those activities involving temperature changes, combining ingredients, opening ready-to-eat food packages, or any other activity causing physical or chemical alterations in the food.
Limited Food Service Inspection Fee: $118.48
A limited food service inspection shall be conducted on an annual basis at child care facilities with food service operations, so limited by the type and quantity of foods prepared and the equipment utilized, that they pose a lesser degree of risk to the public's health, and, for the purpose of fees, requires less time to monitor.

The term shall include child care facilities that dispense catered meals.

Additional fees for both Full and Limited Food Service:

Re-inspection Fee $53.85
Each additional re-inspection $80.78


2. Child Care and Home Facility Licensure Fee Schedule:

License Fee:

  1. Child care facilities with up to 50 children will be charged a license fee of $85.68.

  2. Child care facilities with over 50 children and up to 150 children will be charged a license fee of $151.57.

  3. Child care facilities with over 150 children will be charged a license fee of $197.69.

  4. If a child care facility elects during its licensure period to change its name, licensed capacity of facility, or add nighttime child care as a service, an additional fee will be charged. $66.95.


3. Other Fees:

  1. Non-refundable application fee for new prospective owner-operator Child Care Facility of $33.49.

  2. Renewal applications received less than 45 days before the expiration date of the license shall be assessed late fee of $66.95.

  3. Family Child Care Homes will be charged $32.96.