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No Product Endorsement - Broward County Child Care Licensing and Enforcement will not endorse a specific product. It is the responsibility of the child care provider to determine which product best meets their needs while satisfying the performance standards.

Child Care Vehicles

  • Seats 6 or more passengers in addition to the driver
  • Owned  or leased by a child care provider
  • Owned or leased by a contractor of a child care provider
  • Used to transport children to and from the child care facility or family child care home

Child Care Safety Alarm – Basic Features

  • An alarm system
  • The alarm device must be designed to automatically activate when the vehicle's ignition is turned on. Alarm devices that are activated manually are prohibited.
  • The alarm device must be designed so that the vehicle horn, siren or other type of audible alarm will sound within one minute if the driver, or a child care facility staff member, does not go to the rear or back seat of the vehicle, or in the case of a passenger van, does not open the side entry door of the vehicle to manually shut off the alarm prior to leaving the vehicle. The alarm must be audible from a distance of 500 feet from the vehicle.
  • The alarm device must be installed so that the driver or a child care facility staff member is able to observe the rearmost seats of the vehicle and reach the switch that turns off the alarm prior to leaving the vehicle. The driver or a child care facility staff member must physically inspect each seat before turning off the alarm and leaving the vehicle.

Installation and Maintenance

  • The alarm device must be installed by any certified mechanic employed by an electronics or automotive business in accordance with the device manufacturer's recommendations.
  • The owner or director of a child care facility shall be responsible for selecting an alarm device that meets the required performance standards and ensuring that the device is installed and maintained pursuant to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Documentation demonstrating proof of compliance must be maintained on file at the child care facility for inspection by the licensing agency.

Driver, Facility Owner, Director or Personnel Responsibilities

  • Shall not knowingly transport or allow transportation of a child or permit a child to be transported in a child care vehicle in which a child safety alarm device has not been installed, is not properly maintained or is not working as required.
  • Shall not remove, have removed, tamper with or otherwise circumvent the operation of a child safety alarm device that is installed in a child care vehicle, except for the purpose of testing, repairing or maintaining, or for replacing or removing a dysfunctional alarm.
  • Shall not shut off a child safety alarm that is installed in a child care vehicle unless first inspecting the vehicle and verifying that not child is left unattended in the vehicle.

Child Care Facility Policies and Procedures

  • Driver training and compliance
  • Maintenance and inspection procedures and schedules.
  • Performance certification requirements.
  • Role of management in ensuring that the alarm system is used to complement other transportation requirements.