Types Of Child Care Arrangements

Child Care Home – child care in a residence

Child Care Facility – child care provided in a non-residential building

Child Care School – a religious affiliated or private school that provides child care and is accredited by, or a member of an organization which requires compliance with standards for health, safety and sanitation. These standards may differ slightly from those required by Broward County.

Before and After School Child Care – child care provided for school age children before and/or after a routine school day. This may be in a facility that also includes younger children. This option may also refer to those facilities that provide care only before and/or after school. This usually includes full day care on school holidays.
Nights: child care during that time after 7:00 p.m. and prior to 6:00 a.m.
Weekends: child care provided on Saturday or Sunday.
Summers: open during public school summer break.

Drop-in Available – child care provided on an occasional or drop-in basis in a child care facility. Also may refer to a facility or business establishment whose sole purpose is to provide babysitting where a child is in care for no more than a four (4) hour period and where the parent remains on the premises of the shopping mall or business establishment at all times. Drop-in child care shall not refer to child care arrangements in health clubs/spas/gyms, bowling alleys, hotels/resorts, athletic training/instructional facilities, or similar type establishments.