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A System of care for children with serious emotional disturbances.

One Community Partnership was a six (6) year project to evaluate and redesign the existing array of children's mental health services in Broward County into a comprehensive, coordinated system of care. Our vision was to develop a system of care driven by family voices that would sustain and support severely emotionally disturbed (SED) children in the least restrictive and most clinically appropriate environment. This initiative served as a pilot project to stimulate system reform initiatives across other social services networks within the County and ultimately across the state.

The mission was "To create and participate in a collaborative planning, funding and service delivery system that is intra-connected, culturally competent, and focused on empowering families to create measurable change in the lives of their children."

One Community Partnership is Dedicated to flier (PDF)

One Community Partnership Service initiatives included the following:

  • Developing a comprehensive, integrated, non-duplicative single "front-door" creating access to the system of care through both behavioral health and primary health care providers.
  • Implementing a research-based model of intensive strength based wraparound services to prevent residential placement.
  • Creating a drop-in center for older teens and enhance out of school child care and respite services to support local SED families.
  • Using more effective data collection techniques as a stimulus for system wide continuous quality improvement activities.
  • Developing a training institute to coordinate technical assistance and system-wide training.
  • Providing social marketing strategies that will be used to promote and advertise the local children's mental health system of care and to facilitate better coordination and linkage between children's mental health and primary health care networks.

The One Community Partnership was initiated and funded through The Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) and Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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