Action Plan Update

Solving homelessness in Broward County is a complex challenge, but one where the Broward County continues to make great strides. In 2013, The National Alliance to End Homelessness was brought on board by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners to recommend steps that would strengthen the County’s “A Way Home Plan” and provide direction for compliance with the Federal government’s Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing (HEARTH) Act. The Federal government has shifted its policies and resources to focus more on performance and outcomes with greater attention on how homeless programs are administered and performing. Greater funding is now directed to rapid re-housing and permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals.


Recommendations for implementation of the Federal HEARTH Act are well underway. These action steps will enhance the County’s ability along with its Continuum of Care (CoC) partners to secure future Federal funding.

  1. Develop a more streamlined coordinated assessment process
  2. Improve the current emergency shelter system
  3. Implement a robust rapid re-housing program
  4. Expand the supply of permanent supportive housing and target resources more effectively
  5. Engage and improve coordination with other systems serving people experiencing homelessness
  6. Consolidate and improve data collection
  7. Implement a performance measurement and improvement process
  8. Modify the membership of the Homeless CoC Advisory Board and decision-making processes
  9. Update the 2013 “A Way Home” Plan to end homelessness