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E-Learning Capacity Building Training Modules

Below are in-depth e-learning trainings covering various topics that are pertinent to many nonprofit staff and/or volunteers who work in leadership with nonprofits. Please feel free to take and retake trainings as needed. In addition, many of the topics have guidebooks that can be downloaded to be used per your discretion.

Conducting a Community Assessment

Conducting a Community Assessment
Creating and Implementing a Data Collection Plan

Going Virtual

Going Virtual: Collaborating and Sharing Resources Online
Going Virtual: Virtual Meetings and Training
Going Virtual: Online Tools for Project Management
Online Tools for Web 2.0 Fundraising
Going Virtual: Recruiting and Engaging Volunteers Online
Going Virtual: Online Tools for Data Management
Effective E-learning

Leading a Nonprofit Organization

Leading a Nonprofit Organization
Managing Crisis

Managing Public Grants

Managing Public Grants

Measuring Outcomes

Developing a Plan for Outcome Measurement
Creating and Implementing a Data Collection Plan
Evaluating Training and Technical Assistance
Identifying and Promoting Effective Practices
Analyzing Data and Communicating Results


Partnerships: Frameworks for Working Together
Establishing Community Partnerships
Volunteer Recruitment and Management


Creating Your Sustainability Plan
Building Multiple Revenue Sources
Acquiring Public Grants
Understanding Fee-for-Service Models
Identifying and Developing Donors
Value-Driven Donor Development
Planning For, Securing, and Documenting In-Kind Donations
Working with Consultants

Other Topics

Identifying and Promoting Effective Practices
Designing and Managing a Subaward Program
Identifying and Promoting Effective Practices

List of Additional Resources  

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