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Eligibility and Intake
New Clients 

New Centralized Eligibility and Intake Determination Program

New applicants for Ryan White Part A services will only need to visit one facility in Fort Lauderdale to begin the application process:

Broward Regional Health Planning Council (BRHP)
915 Middle River Drive, Suite 111
Fort Lauderdale 33304

Phone: 954-566-1417

This office is located immediately west of the Galleria Mall and south of the Borders Bookstore. Additional parking is available at the mall if the office parking lot is full.

BRHP is accessible via Broward County Transit on Bus Routes 10, 20, 36 and 40

  • New clients are encouraged to schedule an initial intake appointment
  • Walk-ins are welcome during business hours, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Service hours include evenings and Saturdays by appointment only

Required Documentation

  • HIV Status
  • Broward County Residency
  • Income

Applicants must also provide documents related to any health and/or social service benefits they are currently enrolled in or are eligible to receive. For questions related to these particular documents, contact the BRHPC at 954-566-1417 and mention “client enrollment.”

In special circumstances, new clients may not have to visit BRHPC directly. Clients who are extremely ill and are unable to travel or leave their homes may request a home visit from BRHPC’s staff. 

What Happens Next?

During your appointment, BRHPC staff will determine your eligibility for Ryan White Part A services. This step is different than in the past, when a Medical Case Management and/or other service provider at various locations handled those decisions.

Returning Clients 

Annual Eligibility Recertification is required for all existing Ryan White Part A clients.

  • Returning clients will be contacted within 60 days of their annual recertification date to schedule an appointment
  • Clients who are within 30 days of their program expiration date should contact BRHPC directly to schedule a recertification appointment
  • If you have missed your recertification appointment or have lost eligibility for services, you must contact BRHPC to schedule another appointment

During the recertification appointment, clients will meet with a BRHPC staff at a medical office or service site where the client has previously received Part A services. The staff will assist clients to complete their Annual Eligibility Recertification.