Juvenile Predisposition Services

Broward County spends nearly $300 per day incarcerating juveniles. On average, a youth arrested in Broward County spends eight days in jail. More than 70 percent of the impacted youth are children of color. Very few programs in Broward County serve our most marginalized youth. However, research shows that prevention and early intervention programs consistently deliver the greatest long-term economic impact. As a result, when these individuals are treated as a valuable part of their family and communities, they become productive citizens and communities are safer.

Juvenile Predisposition Services (JPS) program, closes the gap on Broward County youth who are arrested and not linked to or engaged in community-based programs or services, with intensive interventions while awaiting the disposition of their case.

Established under the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) and in partnership with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, JPS advocates to keep these youth at home, while providing holistic, coordinated, and accessible services that are intensive, individualized and family focused. JPS aims to reduce juvenile justice system costs, crime and incidence of relapse.

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