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After the Event

  • In the case of a weather event, do not attempt to start your vehicle if flood water levels rose during the storm and made contact with engine. Have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic and have all engine fluids replaced. Flood water could affect the electrical portion of the vehicle.
  • Never drive through flooded roadways or standing water. Vehicles can be swept off the road with as little as 12 inches of moving water.
  • Do not go sightseeing in your vehicle after the storm as this may impede recovery efforts.
  • If after the storm you find driving essential, be cautious as all traffic signals may not be working. Treat intersections with downed or non-working traffic signals as four-way stops.
  • It is not necessary to report downed or non-working traffic signals. Broward County Traffic Engineering's damage assessment teams will be aware of outages and dispatch repair crews as quickly as possible.

Updated May 2017