Automobiles and Trucks
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During the Event

  • Do not go sightseeing in your vehicle during a weather event, such as a hurricane, as your vehicle may become stuck in the sand on beach roads or stalled by flooding in the streets.
  • Truck drivers should follow these tips:
  1. If conditions on the road get challenging, get off the road.
  2. Civilians will have their cars stuffed to the roof with their possessions and will be eager to flee the hurricane. Be careful and patient.
  3. Crosswinds with a light load make you more likely to tip over or jacknife.
  4. Crosswinds can blow you into other lanes - stay alert.
  5. Hydroplaning can be terrifying: get your foot off the accelerator and ease onto the brakes.
  6. Once you've stopped, if you need to communicate with your family or dispatch, use texting as much as possible vs. phone calls. Text messages use less bandwidth, and are more likely to get through an overloaded cellular system.

Updated May 2017