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  • A curfew is a public safety measure designed to help keep residents off the street during certain times of the day or night, at a time when it is not considered safe to be moving about the community.
  • A curfew is often imposed on residents in the aftermath of an emergency, such as a hurricane. This is a time when homes and businesses may be severely damaged, law enforcement and emergency resources are strained, and some roads and highways may be blocked due to debris. Darkness brings dangers associated with downed trees and power lines, especially in flooded areas.
  • Curfews can be imposed by local (city police) or County (Broward Sheriff's Office) law enforcement. They can encompass a small area of just a few blocks (for an isolated incident), or apply countywide (in the event of wide spread destruction or danger).
  • All residents and businesses are expected to follow curfew laws.
  • Listen to local radio and television stations for curfew announcements. 
  • Individuals exempt from a curfew include essential personnel such as law enforcement, fire rescue, hospital and healthcare workers, emergency management personnel, and others involved in recovery efforts. Any of these individuals traveling through the community during a curfew should carry appropriate identification.

Updated May 2017