Large Animals
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After the Event

  • Thoroughly check the barn yard and pasture for sharp objects before allowing the animals to freely roam.
  • Be careful when walking¬†outside of the barn or in the pasture for live electric wires.
  • Carefully clean debris from the barn area and clear the driveway out to the road.
  • Watch for fire ants. Ants will look for the driest place to nest and will move from wet to high ground when their nests flood. Check your barn/stall walls and feed/hay areas. Ants will also seek refuge from wet ground on fence rails and tree branches, so take care when cleaning debris after a storm.
  • Snakes will also seek high ground. Do not put your hands or feet in recesses you cannot see. Snakes will also hide between hay bales and banked shavings.¬†

Updated April 2015