Mobile Homes
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Before the Event

Mobile homes are particularly vulnerable to high winds. If Broward County orders an evacuation due to an approaching tropical storm or hurricane, all mobile home residents must evacuate. Have a shelter plan for you and your family, including your pets. Take necessary steps to protect your home. Learn how to prepare by viewing Emergency Checklists.

Mobile Home Preparations

  • Pack all breakables in well-padded cartons and place them on the floor.
  • Remove bulbs from lamps and tape mirrors.
  • Shutter windows. Do not tape them.
  • Turn off the water where it enters the home. Open faucets and leave them open. If done correctly, no water should flow.
  • Shut off fuel lines and/or turn off gas bottles at the tanks. Do not disconnect.
  • Store outdoor objects such as garbage cans and lawn furniture inside, or secure them outside.
  • Minimize damage by using "over the top" and "frame ties" to anchor the mobile home. "Over the top" ties keeps the unit from overturning and "frame ties" prevent it from being blown off the supports.
  • Take photos of the inside and outside of your home. Take photos and/or make a list of your personal property, furnishings, clothing and valuables. This will assist adjusters in settling claims and will help prove uninsured losses, which are tax deductible.
  • Before the storm, print the Home Damage Assessment photos and include them in your hurricane kit.
  • Bookmark the Home Damage Assessment application on your cell phone or other mobile device at:

Updated June 2017