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Before the Event

In an emergency event, the Coast Guard will determine when Port operations will stop. Landside operations, including the distribution of gasoline, may still be open while operations have been halted, but access into the Port may be limited to essential operations.

Port Closing/Opening Definitions

Please note the distinction between Port landside and waterside closings and re-openings.

Landside Closing or Re-Opening refers to vehicular traffic. Typically, the Port remains open to landside traffic as long as it is safe for trucks to travel. However, in most cases, the U.S. Coast Guard requires cargo terminals to stop operations at Condition Yankee, which is 24 hours prior to the estimated time of the storm’s arrival.

Waterside Closing or Re-Opening refers to ship traffic. The U.S. Coast Guard issues a Marine Safety Information Bulletin (MSIB) to halt ship traffic into the Port and requires all ships to leave the Port at Condition Yankee, which is 24 hours before the storm is likely to reach our area. After the storm passes, the Coast Guard and Port Pilots conduct surveys to ensure the waterways are safe before re-opening the Port to ship traffic.

For questions about Port operations, call 954-523-3404. Recorded information will be updated on a regular basis throughout the event. Or, visit the Port Everglades website.

Cruise Operations 

  • Cruise passengers should call their cruise line for updated information regarding cruise ship departures.
  • If you are flying into Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport for your cruise, it is important that you also call your airline for information on flight arrivals and departures before, during and after an emergency event. Operations may be interrupted. See  Resources for a list of airline information.

Updated May 2017