Sprinkler Systems
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After the Event

In a severe weather event, such as a hurricane, sprinkler systems can become damaged. After a storm, don't allow the sprinkler system to operate until all standing water in the yard has receded.

Before turning the system on, check the pump for flood damage or debris. If the pump starts running when it is clogged with debris, the debris can be forced further into the pump, causing the pump motor to burn out.

Turn the system on manually and check for gushing sprinkler heads, or large puddles or soggy areas in the yard that may indicate a broken pipe. Uprooted trees and shrubs can pull up the sprinkler system and cause sprinkler heads to break or underground pipes to leak. In some cases, the damage is evident; in others, it's below ground and hidden. 

If necessary, call a professional to make repairs, or follow the recommendations in the repair manual that came with your system.

Updated June 2017