Storm Surge
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Before the Event

Storm Surge is a rise in the sea level that occurs during tropical storms or hurricanes. The storms produce strong winds that push the water onto shore, which can lead to flooding along the coast. Storm surge is often the greatest threat to life and property from a storm. 

If a tropical storm or hurricane approaches your location, the National Hurricane Center will provide Storm Surge Watches and Warnings to residents, accompanied by a color-coded flood prediction map of the affected area. The map will show areas that have a significant risk of life-threatening storm surge. Monitor local media outlets for important instructions from emergency management officials regarding evacuation requirements. It’s important to follow their directives and evacuate as soon as possible. 

Broward County has several evacuation routes, but they are vulnerable to hurricanes and flooding. Local officials usually request residents living on barrier islands and vulnerable coastal areas to evacuate in advance of a hurricane. Review the Evacuations and Shelters information provided in the A-Z Planner​ for additional emergency preparation tips. 

Early preparation is the key to staying safe during a storm. Compete the following:

  • Determine whether you live in an evacuation zone
  • ​​Homeowner's and windstorm insurance does not cover flooding. The National Flood Insurance Program​ is administered by the Federal government, and policies are sold through insurance agents. Consider flood insurance even if you live in an area not susceptible to flooding. Poor drainage systems, rapid accumulation of rainfall, and broken water mains can all result in flooding.
  • Develop a flood emergency action plan
  • Prepare an evacuation plan
  • Assemble a disaster supply kit

Updated January 2016