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Top Tips  

  • When an evacuation is ordered, if buses are in service already, Broward County Transit (BCT) winds down service gradually. If the evacuation order is given before service begins, no buses are put out on the street. Evacuation service will coincide with the opening of General Population shelters. It will not begin before shelters are open.
  • In the case of a Category 1 or 2 hurricane (Evacuation Plan A), buses will pick up along A1A. In a Category 3 or higher (Evacuation Plan B), bus pick-up points will include A1A and Federal Highway.
  • Pick-up points are at any regular bus stop located along A1A on the beaches, and/or Federal Highway in a Category 3 or higher. Those evacuating from these areas can flag down any BCT bus for pick-up. All buses will be marked "Emergency Evacuation" on the head sign.
  • Evacuation service will continue as long as weather permits.
  • For information on evacuation routes to General Population Shelters for tourists, and residents without transportation, call the Hurricane Hotline at 311 or 954-831-4000. You can also visit the Broward County Transit web site at
  • Broward County Transit Paratransit Services section coordinates transportation of persons with disabilities to and from shelters. Pre-registration is required. Call Broward County Emergency Management at 954-831-3902 (TTY 954-831-3940).


Updated May 2017