CSW Members

Chair                  -  Ghazala Salam
1st Vice Chair   -  Toby Feuer
2nd Vice Chair  -  Janet Solitt


Appointing Commissioner

Tamara Ayon Commissioner Beam Furr
Janice Carter Commissioner Dale Holness
Suzanne Citere Commissioner Chip LaMarca
Toby Feuer Commissioner Lois Wexler
Kimberly Greene Commissioner Stacy Ritter
Hue, Juliet Commissioner Beam Furr
Eloise McCoy-Cain Commissioner Tim Ryan
Perry, Jody Commissioner Mark Bogen
Ghazala Salam Commissioner Lois Wexler
Janet Solitt Commissioner Tim Ryan
Marci Talisman Commissioner Stacy Ritter

Board Liaison

Barbara Ann McGovern, Board Coordinator
Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Professional Standards
115 South Andrews Avenue, Room 427
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301