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Ask Us A Question

Everglades birdWe hope that you have enjoyed learning about Broward’s Integrated Water Resource Plan. We’re eager to work with you to ensure that everyone in our community has clean, affordable, and plentiful water – now and in the future.  Do you still have questions? Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions that may be helpful. Or, you can e-mail a question to Broward County staff using this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Integrated Water Resource Plan (IWRP)?
The Integrated Water Resource Plan (IWRP) is Broward County’s strategy for meeting long-term water supply needs and water resource goals. The IWRP is based on a 10-year planning horizon. The IWRP coordinates water sources and users within Broward County so that water is available where and when it’s needed. The Plan provides a framework for local governments, water managers, and water utilities to work together so that Broward County's water needs can be efficiently met.

Do other communities in Florida have similar Plans?
Broward County’s water management plan is very unique because it is a model example of how local and regional authorities can work together to manage limited water resources.  From the initial planning stages of the IWRP to current implementation, local government agencies are working together with utilities and water managers and others to ensure that there is enough water for Broward’s businesses, industries, and residents. Broward’s plan integrates with other regional water management plans – including the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) and the Lower East Coast Regional Water Supply Plan (LECRWSP).

tortoiseWhat does the Plan do?
The Plan provides a framework for how to most effectively use current water resources while also seeking to diversify water supplies to meet future growth. By effectively managing water supplies, droughts can be managed and future water demands can be met with ease. The Plan addresses water management from a Countywide or regional perspective, and focuses on the needs of all of Broward County, urban and natural systems alike. The Plan uses a technical approach for evaluating how agencies can coordinate to make the most effective use of existing sources. It also seeks to identify what new sources of water may need to be developed in the future, including the necessary timeframes, as well as site location and scale.

How long does the Plan remain effective?
The Plan spans 10-years, but has principles that can and will be extended beyond that timeframe. The IWRP is updated to address changing priorities, policies, and environment.

How can I get involved in the IWRP?
We can each do our part to conserve the water resources that we have in Broward County.

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Who is in charge of implementing the Plan?
The IWRP is a partnership between Broward County, South Florida Water Management District, local water managers, water utilities, and policy makers. It is already proving to be a success because of its open participation process. The Plan includes 24 districts with water management functions, 31 water utilities, and 31 municipalities.

Through the County’s Water Advisory Board (WAB), its Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), the Surface Water Coordination Committee (SWCC) and others, water management in Broward continues to improve every day.