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Certain public officials and employees are required to make financial, conflict, gift, and client disclosures under the State Code of Ethics.  In addition, Broward’s county and municipal elected officials are required to make financial, outside employment, lobbyist contact,  campaign finance, and fundraising disclosures under the Broward Code of Ethics.

The Florida Commission on Ethics makes the state disclosure available for public access at an online search site, available here.

The Code of Ethics for Elected Officials, Broward County Code of Ordinances Sec. 1-19(b)(4), requires that Broward’s county and municipal elected officials make disclosures that must be “filed for public inspection.”  This means that the required disclosure is made on a form which is filed with the chief administrator or clerk, and a copy of the form or all its information is entered into a searchable internet database.  You can find those those searchable internet databases at the following links:

Please report any broken or non-functioning links by e-mailing the OIG.

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