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The OIG is charged with investigating and reporting misconduct by Broward’s county and municipal elected officials, public employees, and providers.  We conduct disclosure compliance reviews, initiate ethics inquiries, follow up on tips and complaints, and commence investigations to determine if there is cause to believe that ethical misconduct has occurred.

Not all unethical conduct is within our jurisdiction:  only conduct that would be a violation of law, charter, or ordinance or would be gross mismanagement is within our authority to review, investigate, report, refer, and prosecute.

The Ethics section of the OIG website is meant to inform Broward’s general public, press, public officials, employees, lobbyists, and providers about applicable ethics laws, our internal standards for review, available ethics training, and other resources for ethics compliance, education, and enforcement.

In the left margin tabs you can find information about the individual programs comprising the OIG’s ethics efforts, as well as helpful ethics-related laws, forms, documents, and links.

Do you have an ethics-related question, comment, or idea?  Or do you have a suggestion for the Ethics section of our website?  Contact: 
Carol “Jodie” Breece, OIG Ethics Counsel
(954) 357-7815

To find Ethics related complaints and compliance reviews,  click here.

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