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Bicycling and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Broward County > Intergovernmental > Bicycling and Pedestrian Advisory Committee


Study and advise the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, with the cooperation and assistance of the County Administrator, on all matters related to bicycling and walking.

Review Broward County road construction projects at their planning and design stages for the possible inclusion and/or placement of bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Develop programs to encourage bicycling and walking throughout Broward County.

Created By

Broward County Resolution, adopted October 6, 1981.

Amended by Resolution #1986-0921, adopted March 25, 1986, changing the name of the Broward County Bikeways Advisory Committee to Broward County Bicycling Advisory Committee.

Amended by Ordinance #89-12, enacted February 14, 1989, establishing the Bicycling Advisory Committee Trust Fund.

Amended by Resolution #2001-0081, effective February 13, 2001, increasing the membership from seven to ten.

Amended by Resolution #2002-0084, effective April 2, 2002, adjusting the number of absences required before removal from the Committee.

Amended by Resolution #2005-23, adopted January 11, 2005, changing the name of the Bicycling Advisory Committee to the Bicycling and Pedestrian Advisory Committee; expanding the duties of the Committee to include pedestrian concerns; eliminating categories for appointments of members.

Amended by Ordinance #2009-16, enacted March 24, 2009, changing the name of the trust fund to Bicycling and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Trust fund.

Amended by Resolution #2009-250, adopted March 24, 2009, amending the membership requirements relating to county staff; clarifying voting membership.


Ten (10) members.

Each Broward County Commissioner shall appoint one (1) member who shall represent pedestrian or bicycling interests.

One (1) member shall be appointed by the Broward League of Cities.

The Transportation Department, Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department, Parks and Recreation Division and any other offices, departments, and/or divisions that the Commission deems appropriate shall provide technical support to the Committee.


Section 1-233 of Chapter 1, Article XII, Broward County Code of Ordinances, as may be amended from time to time.


A majority of the total board members appointed.


Maite Azcoitia, Deputy County Attorney


Vinod Sandanasamy, Senior Transportation Planner
Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department  954-357-6973


Monthly, second Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
Downtown Governmental Center, Room 329F


Financial Disclosure not required.

Updated 09/22/16

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