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Eliminate and prevent the development or spread of slum or blighted areas; provide affordable housing, whether for rent or for sale, to residents of low or moderate income, including the elderly; and may include slum clearance and redevelopment in a community redevelopment area or rehabilitation or conservation in a community redevelopment area, in accordance with a community redevelopment plan.

Created By

Broward County Ordinance #80-110, enacted November 19, 1980, pursuant to the Community Redevelopment Act of 1969, as amended, Chapter 69-305, Laws of Florida.

Amended by Ordinance #81-35, enacted May 21, 1981, providing that the Broward County Board of County Commissioners serve as the Broward County Community Redevelopment Agency with all its powers provided by law.

Amended by Ordinance #2009-25, enacted April 28, 2009, retaining the agency, after sunset review of its performance as required by Section 2.09 of the Broward County Charter.


Each member of the Broward County Commission.


A majority of the Commissioners.


The agency shall retain or employ its own legal counsel and legal staff.


Josie P. Sesodia AICP, Director
Planning and Development Management Division

Updated 05/25/17​​