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2008 Make a Positive Change to Prevent Climate Change
Broward County > Kids > Contests > 2008 Make a Positive Change to Prevent Climate Change

Poster Contest Winners!

Clean Air Calendar Cover Clean Air
Calendar Cover Prize
James Predelus
Crystal Lake Middle
First Place, Grades K-2 1st Place:
Grades K-2
Lucas Martinez
Home Schooled
Second Place - Grades K-2 2nd Place:
Grades K-2
Ilana Kaplan
Stephen Foster Elementary
Third Place - Grades K-2 3rd Place:
Grades K-2
Alyssa Twist
Bethune Elementary
Meritorious: Grades K-2 Meritorious:
Grades K-2
Raphael Cheng
Indian Trace Elementary
First Place, Grades 3-5 1st Place:
Grades 3-5
Ariyana Muhummad
Palm Cove Elementary
Second Place: Grades 3-5 2nd Place:
Grades 3-5
Jyoth Cameron
Pinewood Elementary
Third Place Grades 3-5 3rd Place:
Grades 3-5
Catalina Eddy
Virginia S. Young Elementary
Meritorious: Grade 3-5 Meritorious:
Grades 3-5
Alexyss Bernal
Sheridan Park Elementary
First Place: Grade 6-8 1st Place:
Grades 6-8
Rachel Beauplan
Downtown Academy
Second Place, Grades 6-8 2nd Place:
Grades 6-8
Zoe Lili Rohr
Sunrise Middle
Third Place Grades 6-8 3rd Place:
Alex Honner
Sunrise Middle
Meritorious: Grades 6-8 Meritorious:
Grades 6-8
Neicolance Regent
Lauderhill Middle

Please contact the Air Quality Division at 954-519-1220 or E-mail

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