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  • Broward County Animal Care & Adoption Centers  - Learn how you can adopt a four-legged friend for life who will provide you with plenty of happiness and affection. This video is bound to make you smile. [Video Central under “Featured Videos”]
  • Jury Service: A Privilege and Responsibility - This video discusses jury service as a civic responsibility that affords Americans a special opportunity to participate in their democracy. [Video Central under “Community”]


  • Internet Safety - Cyber Sue and Li’l Red Hoodie will teach children the importance of staying safe while using the Internet. [Video Central under “Education & History]
  • Rip Current Safety – Learn about rip currents, how to avoid them and what to do is you are caught in a rip current.  [Video Central under “Public Safety]
  • Mountain Bike Safety – Broward County Parks and Recreation Division will teach you how to safely enjoy this very popular sport.


  • Our Green Government – Learn what Broward County is doing to save our environment by “going green.” [Video Central under “Environment”]
  • Water: A Precious Commodity - Water is a precious commodity and conservation is a job for everyone. The South Florida Water Management District shares tips for being "water smart." [Video Central under “Water”]
  • Living Green: Renewable Energy - This educational video discusses energy consumption and supply. Learn how to become more energy efficient and the latest energy saving technologies. [Video Central under “Environment”]
  • Climate Heroes - Dwayne De Rosario with the Canadian Soccer League discusses the global issues of climate change and how to reduce your carbon footprint. [Video Central under “Environment”]
  • South Florida Coral Reefs – Learn about Florida’s most sensitive eco-system and what is being done to preserve this important resource. [Video Central under “Environment”]
  • Single Stream Recycling - Broward County's Solid Waste & Recycling Services promotes the use of single stream recycling, where all recyclables go into one container. [Video Central under “Community”]
  • Restoring the Everglades - Learn about the vast ecosystem comprising the Everglades. This video studies the impact of a century of growth on the world's most famous wetlands and explores what is being done to save Florida's River of Grass.


  • Bus Safety Tips - A 'how-to' video on ridding Broward County Transit. More...
  • Go Green with Broward County Transit – Learn how Broward County Transit is going green. More...


  • Momentum – Features video and still images from Broward County’s past and present. [Video Central under “Education & History]
  • Florida's Cracker Horse - This program gives an historical perspective about a little known breed of horse brought to Florida in the 1500 by Spanish explorers. [Video Central under “Education & History]