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Know the Flow

Protecting our Water Resources is a Shared Responsibility

Here in South Florida, we know a lot about water. Heavy rains in the summer. The Everglades. Miles of beaches. Swimming. Diving. Fishing. Boating. Our quality of life is directly connected to this precious and limited resource.

But have you ever considered what happens to stormwater when it rains? Do you know how your yard's drainage system affects our local waterways, and even the Everglades? Many people don't realize that the sources of water we use for drinking, swimming, fishing, and irrigation are all linked to one another.

Our water resources in Broward County are managed by a number of local and regional government entities. But water management really begins with you. By "knowing the flow" you can help prevent flooding, reduce pollution and protect our water resources for the future.

Looking to the Future

In Broward County, we have the potential to make a big impact on the quality of our environment. With the Atlantic and its coral reefs to our east and the Everglades to our west, the way our water is managed is incredibly important - and water management starts with you. The practices of individual residents and neighborhoods can affect the region as a whole.

Water management is a major priority for Broward County. Ever-increasing development and plans for future growth make it easy to see that the quality and quantity of our water supplies must be protected. Past mistakes show us the necessity of doing it right.

When Florida's early settlers drained parts of the Everglades for agricultural use, they could not have predicted the extent of the environmental damage that would result. Thankfully, we now have a better appreciation for the value of our natural ecosystems and how they relate to the quantity and quality of our water supply.

While reflecting on its past, Broward is looking to its future. The County is developing a County - wide Integrated Water Resource Plan ( IWRP), which presents Broward's strategy for meeting the County's urban water needs in an efficient and effective manner. The IWRP includes community partnership programs like "Know the Flow." This local program educates local residents, property managers, landscape professionals, and municipal staff about how they each contribute to the successful functioning of our water management system. The Know the Flow program was developed in partnership with the Central Broward Water Control District and the South Florida Water Management District and provides an overview of local water management. The program emphasizes that we all have a role as water managers. Through our daily activities we have an opportunity to positively contribute to Broward's water future.

Working Together

Broward County's water management systems are designed to work together to protect our County from flooding, to reduce pollution and to preserve our most precious resource - water.

The three tiers of Broward's water management system-consisting of primary, secondary and tertiary canals - were designed to work as a whole. Our local and regional governmental authorities manage the primary and secondary systems. The tertiary, or third, system is where you, as a Broward County resident, can directly make a positive impact on our water resources. The tertiary system includes neighborhood drainage systems, swales and catch basins. By following what are called "best management practices," you can help prevent or reduce the amount of pollution carried from your yard and neighborhood into the larger canal system, adjacent ecosystems, and our water supplies.

As you can see, managing our water resources is a responsibility that every Broward resident shares. In order for the systems to work as designed, we must all do our part. This website is designed so that you can "Know the Flow" and understand how important your actions are to the "big picture" of water management.

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