Air Quality
  • Air Quality Index cartoonAir Quality Activity (PDF): Learn how food coloring can represent different air pollutants, giving you an idea of how daily activities affect our air quality.
  • Air Quality Index for Kids: Learn about the air quality index, things you can do to help protect the air quality and play fun games.
  • Character Education Newsletters: Learn about the importance of practicing these eight character values while doing environmental activities and fun games.
  • Climate Change Check out this cool site with fun interactive games and activities about climate change.
  • Global Warming Information: Enter the study hall to find out all about global warming and to print out fun games related to science.
  • On the Trail of the Missing Ozone: Produced by EPA's Region 9 Office in San Francisco, California, this book provides an introduction into why we need the ozone layer, the causes of ozone depletion, and some of the actions the world is taking to correct the problem. We hope you enjoy joining our intrepid reporter Farley on the trail of the missing ozone!
  • Smog City: Smog City is an interactive air pollution simulator that shows how your choices, environmental factors, and land use contribute to air pollution.

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