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Protecting our Water Resources is a Shared Responsibility

indian blanketHere in South Florida, we know a lot about water. Heavy rains in the summer. The Everglades. Miles of beaches. Swimming. Diving. Fishing. Boating. Our quality of life is directly connected to this precious and limited resource.

But have you ever considered what happens to stormwater when it rains? Do you know how your yard's drainage system affects our local waterways, and even the Everglades? Many people don't realize that the sources of water we use for drinking, swimming, fishing, and irrigation are all linked to one another.

Our water resources in Broward County are managed by a number of local and regional government entities. But water management really begins with you. By "knowing the flow" you can help prevent flooding, reduce pollution and protect our water resources for the future.

While the following lessons provide a general overview of water management in Broward County, you can learn much more by taking one of our Know the Flow (KTF) courses – just click on the “KTF Course” tab on your left to learn how you can register for one of our workshops.

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