Know the Flow Course

So You Want to Know More About the Flow?

Hands washingIf you want to know even more about water management in Broward County, consider taking the Know the Flow course. This free, four - part, half - day seminar provides an overview of water management with a specific emphasis on what Broward County residents and property managers can do to manage and conserve water resources.

The Know the Flow course has been developed primarily for property managers in Broward County, as well as homeowner associations, landscape service providers and community groups. However, since we each make a difference in the quality of our water resources, the course is for anyone who lives in Broward County.

To request a course contact:
Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division
Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department or (954) 519-1470

Detailed Course Outline:


South Florida's Natural History Natural Everglades, Climate, Geology, Drainage Projects


Managing South Florida's Water Florida Water Law, Missions & Responsibilities of Water Management District Secondary Districts, County Services and Property Owner Responsibilities


Managing your Neighborhood Water Management System Control Elevation, Allowable Discharge, First Flush, Conservation, and Detention/Retention as they relate to Flood Protection, Water Supply, Water Quality and Environmental Enhancement


NatureScape Landscape Best Management Practices Turfgrass and Landscape Best Management Practices, Irrigation, Fertilizer, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Mowing and Pruning